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Who am I?

In case you've stumbled upon this site randomly, or just want to know a bit more about me - I am a 24 years old transgender woman from Britain.

I've gone under many names in the past, and so many looks, but for now you can call me either Holly or Entrapta.

I've suffered from mental health problems and abuse from innumerable people, so this website is slightly a comfort thing - as are all my creations and fixations.

I'm a musician, a retro tech enthusiast, an aspiring mathematician and a retro video game hobbyist (although I do play recent games too, usually indie games.) I'm currently studying mathematics with the eventual goal of mathematics at university.

I'm also something called 'Fictionkin'. I won't explain that too much on this site, but I have a little sitelet specifically for explaining this to people who might be confused. You can find that here. It might sound strange, made-up or even just completely ridiculous, and if it is, you don't need to bend over backwards for me - I'll understand. All I ask is that you respect me.

I really hope you stick around on my site for a while - listen to my music, read some of my blogposts or writing, or just have a read around. Thank you so much for showing an interest in me and my efforts to make a tiny place on the web to call mine.